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Heartland Germany

Killing Time in Arcadia

Wising Up, Dressing Down

Other Poets

R.S. Thomas

Sorley MacLean

Ernst Jandl

Paul Celan

Volker Braun


Recommended Reading

Edward Mackinnon's third collection, 'Heartland Germany'

Edward Mackinnon's second collection, 'Killing Time in Arcadia'

Edward MacKinnon's first collection, 'Wising Up, Dressing Down'

"The excellent Shoestring Press"


Shoestring Press logo

Shoestring Press publishes prose and literary criticism as well as poetry. Poets recently published include Peter Porter, Richard Berengarten, Lynne Wycherley, Peter Carpenter and Angus Calder.

For these volumes and the rest of the Shoestring Press catalogue, including an Australian and a Greek list, go to, or contact the publisher at

19 Devonshire Avenue
Nottingham NG9 1BS
United Kingdom
Tel/Fax +44 (0)115 925 1827

Smokestack Books

Smokestack Books is a publishing venture based in the north-east of England. The poets it publishes are new and old, established and anti-establishment, and there's a strong international flavour too, with French and Siberian anthologies, for example.

For more information about Smokestack, visit the web site: or contact the publisher at

PO Box 408,
Middlesbrough TS5 6WA
Telephone: 01642 813997

Of the poetry (and other literature) magazines published in the UK, I would recommend The Penniless Press for those who are looking for something truly independent, gritty, radical and non-parochial. Its interests are broad and international - you'll find articles on the likes of Tomas Tranströmer, Michel Houllebecq, Clifford Odets and Victor Serge alongside critical pieces on the British cultural scene, and lots of poetry and no-punches-pulled reviews by editor Alan Dent.

It's well worth taking a look at its excellent website too:

100 Waterloo Road,
Preston PR2 1EP.

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